MG Eldon Bargewell Memorial Fund

MG Eldon Bargewell Memorial Donations as of August 9, 2022

Amount Donated Number of Donors Total
$0 – $999 223 $41,539
$1,000 – $4,999 46 $63,995
$5,000 – $9,999 6 $34,500
$10,000 – $19,999 7 $70,200
$20,000 – $29,999 1 $20,000
$30,000 – $39,999 2 $92,493
285 $322,727
Delta Park Fundraising Goal

List of Donors

Aberdeen 40 Et 8 Veteran’s Club
Aberdeen Lions Club
Kim A. Aiken
Steve and Shirley Aiken
Air Commando Association, USAF
John Aliveto
Gregory Alwood
Steve and Theresa Ancich
Mack and Julianne Armstrong
Pete Arsenault
Leland Arthaud, VN vet, USA
Patricia and Stephen Arthaud, vet USN
James Backlund
Robert Bargewell
M. Jane Baker
Mike and Karen Barkstrom, vet USASF
Donald and Cheryl Barton, vet USMCR
Darlene Beardslee
Berglund Schmidt & Associates Inc
Darell and Jill Bellis In memory of Mike McMeekin VN Vet USMC Force Recon
Michael E Bickford, USN-R
Charles Blackmon, Jr.
John and Janet Bohrnsen
Molly Bold In memory of John Curry, Class of ‘65, VN vet, USN
Les Bonfield
MG (ret) and Mrs Kenneth R Bowra, USA
James Bray
Kenn Brown
Jake and Pat Bujacich
Denise Burke
Jim Byars
Byron Brothers Inc.
Byron Engineering PLLC In memory of 1LT James R. McQuade, USA KIA June 11, 1972 Vietnam
Byron Tech LLC
Pat & Janet Byron
Tom Caldwell
John and Normandie Callahan, VN vet, USA
LTG (ret.) Michael Canavan USA
Dan Carkonen USAF, vet
Harold Carter
Greg and Joan Cearley
Dan Christiansen, UPC Parks
Nikki Christensen
Jeffrey Chur
COL Randy Cochran, USA
Chuck Colbourne
Bonnie Cooper
Robert Cournoyer
Ian Crawford
Daniel and Terri Crites
William Cronin
George and Kristine Cross
John Csernotta
John Cupp Sr.
James Danielik
Dennis and Vicki Daniels, vet USAR
David Mitchell Design
COL (Ret.) Bill and Susan Davis, USA
Dean Backholm Landscape Design, Inc.
Louis Deseta
Kathy and John Descher
Alvin Dick, City of Hoquiam Council member
Thomas DiTomasso
George and Suzanne Donovan
Michael Dougherty
Bob Droll, RWD Landscape Architects
Duffy’s Restaurant In honor and memory of Sgt. Wayne Bissell Crew 9, Doolittle Raiders Tokyo-April 18, 1942 In memory of John Chemeres, USA KIA Nov. 29, 1944 Battle of the Bulge In memory of William R. Dalrymple, USMC KIA, Vietnam In memory of Timothy Davis, USAF KIA Feb. 20, 2009 Bagram Afghanistan In memory of John Druzianich, USMC KIA March 2, 1951 Korea In honor of James Evans, USMC Korea Chosin Reservoir 1951 In memory of Jerome Knutson, USMCR KIA April 21, 1951 Korea In memory of Jim Middleton, USMC In memory of Mike Thompson, USA KIA Feb. 21, 1967 Vietnam In memory of The Boys of Co. “B” USMCR Korean War
Jack Durney
Bob Dyer
Kristi and Daniel Earley
EdwardJones James and Christina Boora Michael and Heather Bozich Garett and Shayne Folkers Josh and Janis Steele
John and Nancy Eklund
Joy and Peter Elsos
Buoy and Patty Elway
Stuart and Irene Elway
Walt Failor
Marlene Farnsworth
Paul Flynn
Madalyn Ford
Steven G and Carol Ford, VN vet USA
Steven D and Mary Ford, USN ret
John Forsberg
Thomas Foster
Charles and Robin Franks
Jay Fredericksen
Jason and Karin Fry, vet NG WA In honor of Jim Bags Bagley Class of 66 VN vet USA In honor of S. Wayne Fry WWII CV19 USN In honor of Emery Flohr WWII 2nd Armored USA In honor of Jack Carson WWII DD554 USN In honor of Roscoe Fry WWI USAEF
Len Fullenkamp

Lawrence Gabriel
MG (Ret.) William Garrison, USA
CSM (ret) Roger L George, USA
Bryan Goddard
Doug Godshall
Phyllis Granahan
Patricia Graves
Grays Harbor Community Foundation
Dan Green
Robert and Karen Greenberg
Charles Guerry
Michael Gwinn
Dan Haggerty
Mary A Halvarson, AHS Class of 54
Cris Harmia
Rich Hartman
Mike and Shari Hatley
Richard and Barbara Hayford
Diane and Dan Henry
Scott Herbert
History of MACV-SOG, Bruce Christensen
Hometown Sanitation
James Holloway
Terry Hopsecger
Hoquiam High School Class of 1960
Hoquiam High School Class of 1966
Hoquiam Lions Club
William and Linda Hoyer
Terry and Patricia Hubble, vet USN
John and Patricia Hughes
Martin Hughes
Harlyne Huhta
Charles Isaacson
Judy and Richard Isaacson
Peter Isaacson
Steven Isaacson
Tom and Linda Isaacson
Wade Ishimoto
James Jackson
Warner Johannes, vet WA NG
David Johnson
Gary and Joyce Johnson
Marlene Johnson
Ronnie Johnson
Michael Johnston
Joint Service Special OPS, Fund, Inc.
Carole Jordan
FH Kearney
James and Louise Kelliher
Fred Kleibacker
Susan and Robert Knudson
Glenn Koski
John Koski
Janice and Edward Kosnoski
Darin Krueger
Linda and Lyle Kuhn
Kevin Lachiondo, vet USA
Chris Ladra
Jim LaForest
Sheila LaForest
Tom La Forest
Lakeside Industries
Paula Lang
Ralph Larson
Susan Larson In memory of her brother the ‘Old Soldier’ Norm Sermonti in honor of Harold Terwilliger US Army, 1940-1945, WW2 Alaska and Saipan
Lavern and Ruth Libby
Edward Carleton Logue
Barrett Lowe, USA
Elizabeth Lucas
Paul and JoAnn Macan
Machine and Hydraulics
LTG (ret) and Mrs. Lawson W Magruder III, USA
Linda Hagen Manchester
Daniel Martin
Michael Martin
Alfred Martinez
Gary Massoth
David Maurer
Kim Maxin
John McArdle
Ryan J. McCombie
Elaine McCracken
Terry McKay, vet USA
Councilman Paul and Cynthia McMillan
Steven McMillan
Kenneth McNulty
Daniel Meldrich
Sharon (Ask) Merta
Bud and Janet Meservey
Vernon Messer
Anna and John S. “Tilt” Meyer USA Special Forces vet. RT Idaho One-Zero, FOB 1/CCN 68/70
Rick and Ellen Middleton
Andrew Milani
Dee Miller
Mary Jo and David Mitchell, VN Vet., SGT, USA
Teri Moody
Gregory Moore
David Morris
Larry Morris
Sharon Dixon Morris
Minuteman Press, Chris Olson
Gregory Muiligan
John Mulholland

Network for Good **
Frank Newell
Julie Newell
Glen Nickel
Kenneth and Penny Niles
COL (Ret.) John Noe & Lisa Noe
North Bay Listings
Arlene and William O’Connor
Michael Osterhout
Oszman Service, Inc.
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound Don Leland, vet USMC
Jon Parker
Brett Patron
Jeff Patterson
Robert and Lynn Paylor
John and Patricia Perry
CW4 (ret) Greg Peterson, USA
Raymond and Beverly Phillips
Gary Piercey
MSG Mark Popelka (ret.) USA
Zoltan Prokay
Ray Pumphrey
Donald Purdy
Richard Quichocho
Quick Services LLC
Bill and Carol Quigg
Jim Quigg
John and Gail Quigg
Michael and Mary Ann Quigg
Patrick and Kathleen Quigg
Tim Quigg
Tom Quigg
Brian Quinlan
Mark Ramirez
Darby Reid
Hans and Lynette Reime
Bill Rock
Donald and Karin Root
Wayne Ross
Lois Routt, HHS Class of 1965
Bob and Patty Ruecker
Mike and Cynthia Sand
Gregory Satlow USN
Carlton G. Savory
Timothy Schaaf
Douglas Schermer
Cindy and GEN (Ret.) Peter Schoomaker USA
Edward Schroeder
Brian Shay, City of Hoquiam Manager
Paul Shay
James Shelton
Stephen and Clarisse Shope
John W Shull Jr.
Sierra Pacific Foundation
Dave and Marcia Smith
Jim Solberg
Special Forces Association Chapter 91-101
Special Forces Association Chapter 16
Special Operations Association
Gary Speer
Benjamin and Nancy Spicer
Gary Sporer
Virgil and Darlene Spurlock, vet USA
John and Susan Straka
Nancy Stevenson
Paul and Mary Stritmatter
Edward Teagle, vet USAF
Teri Thompson
Chad Tilley
Timberland Bank
John Tobin
UK Modern Forces Living Museum Simon Gunning, aka the Preacher Olly de Garston
Steiner and Kathy (Waller) Urdahl
Lee Van Arsdale
SGM Mike R. Vining, USA Ret. & Donna Ikenberry
W. Second Growth Foundation
David Walther
Bill and Jan Warbington, VN vet, USA
Dave Wayman
Douglas Weaver
Jerry Weber, vet USN
Bill Werther, vet USASF MACV-SOG
Michelle Werther
Mark Wheeler
Rodna and Robert Wheeler
William and Carole Wieland
Bruce Williams
David and Melody Williams
Michael Willis
Mayor Ben and Jennifer Winkelman
Willis Enterprises
Thomas Woodyard
Chuck Yerry
Kathy Smith Zick
** Note: Donations through Facebook are processed through Network for Good and they arrive at the Grays Harbor Community Foundation in lump sums with no reference to individual donors. Since we are not given the names of these donors, they are not included in the donor list. If you have donated through Facebook, please contact us and we will add your name to the list of donors.

For those who have served in the military:  If you served in any branch of the military and would like to be recognized, please contact us and let us know the branch of service and vet. or ret. if desired.

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